The PHANTOM Annual #1

64pgs, color, $6.50

The very FIRST US Phantom annual EVER!

A Phantom tale like no other, told by ten top talents, and only a giant-size Annual could hold it! "Five Days of the Dragon" spans five centuries, as five different generations of The Phantom battle the dreaded pirates of the Singh Brotherhood to control a powerful artifact from feudal China. But even if the Ghost Who Walks defeats his cutthroat enemies, can he hope to withstand the ancient, mystic power that will be unleashed?

Written by Ron (Ion, Cyberforce) Marz, Chuck (Batman, Transformers) Dixon, Tony (Exiles) Bedard, Rafael (Vampire the Masquerade) Nieves and Mike (Lions, Tigers and Bears), Bullock.

Lavishly brought to life by Disney animator and sculptor Ruben Procopio, Graham (Phantom Sunday strip) Nolan, newcomer Alan Goldman, Tony (Jack of Fables) Akins and Juan (Rex Mundi) Ferreyra.

All this, plus a superstar pin-up gallery! If you've never read an issue of The Phantom, this is the place to start!

Cover by Bret Blevins and Terry Austin!

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