Written by Mike Bullock Pencils & Inks by Zeu and Silvestre Szilagyi Colors by Bob Pedroza Cover A by Zeu Cover B by Andy Smith

“Man O’ War”

From the Chronicles of the 13th Phantom. While returning to the United States with his wife, Jeanette, The Ghost Who Walks finds himself embroiled in a battle with sea faring slave traders. Will The Phantom be able to free the enslaved members of the Llongo tribe, or join them in chains? And how does this tie in to the life of the 21st Phantom? Find out here!

”Moonstone’s Phantom stories just keep on getting better and better and better." – Chronicle Chamber

"If you've never read the adventures of the Phantom before, or if you've been away for a while, this is a great issue to get back on-board.” – Comixtreme

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