Story: Mike Bullock Story assist: David Micheline Art: Silvestre Szilagyi Colors: Bob Pedroza Letters: Josh Aitken Covers: Joe Corroney, Rick Leonardi & Terry Austin

“END WAR Part II” Our new direction continues, as the Phantom takes on a darker tone in today’s Africa! Ripped from today’s headlines, Kazi’s End War continues as The Phantom enlists the help of a family friend, but helping the Phantom is proving to be deadlier than anyone could have imagined! And the implications of what they uncover will change the Phantom’s world, forever. AND…starting this issue, there will be EXTRA Phantom! We will be serializing Phantom prose stories!

2 Covers available individually.

”One of the most riveting comics being published today."- CitC

"Rip-roaring adventure." – Comic Book Bunker

“The Phantom is worth the price of two comic books from DC or Marvel." – Silver Bullet Comic Books

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