Story: Chuck Dixon, Ben Raab, Rafael Nieves Art: Rick Burchett, Pat Quinn, EricJ Colors: Art Lyon, Ken Wolak, Joe Bucco Cover: Marat Mychaels

220pgs, color, squarebound, $19.99

ISBN: 1-933076-35-6


This volume collects the sold out Phantom issues #5-11!

The Ghost Who Walks in all out action!

Great jumping on point for new readers!

Included here are amazing adventure tales of Blood Diamonds, Slavery, Zombies, angry Female Aviatrix, and the ever present sinister Singh Brotherhood!

The Phantom also comes to the urban jungle here in America, has a run in with the FBI, is out-gunned on a speeding train, and comes to face to face with a secret from his past! All of this and more in this massive 220pg tome! If you haven't yet caught on to the Phantom, this volume is the one to get!

Brought to you by action-masters Chuck Dixon (Batman), Ben Raab (Green Lantern), Art Lyon (Top Ten), Rafael Nieves (Vampire the Masquerade), and more!

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