This List is for The Phantom Comics Published by Moonstone Books

Graphic NovelsEdit

  • The Ghost Killer
  • The Singh Web
  • The Treasures of Bangalla
  • The Hunt
  • Valley of the Golden Men


"The Phantom" Comic SeriesEdit

"The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks" comic seriesEdit

"The Phantom: Generations" comic novella series (21 issue maxi series)Edit

Trade paperbacksEdit

  • The Ghost Who Walks

(collects Graphic Novels #1-3) (2003, 2006)

  • Death in the Deep Woods

(collects Comic Series #1-4) (2006)

(collects Comic Series #5-11) (2008)

  • The Graham Nolan Sundays Vol. 1 (2004)
  • The Graham Nolan Sundays Vol. 2 (2005)

Wide Vision Edit

  • Legacy (2006)
  • Man-Eaters (2007)

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