Silvestre Szilagyi (born November 23, 1949) is an Argentine comic book artist, and as of 2008 the main artist of Moonstone Books' Phantom lineup.

Phantom works by Silvestre SzilagyiEdit

Moonstone storiesEdit

Comics and graphic stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Forgotten" Bullock Szilagyi
2 "Invisible Children Part 1" Bullock Szilagyi
3 "Invisible Children Part 2" Bullock Szilagyi
4 "Invisible Children Part 3" Bullock Szilagyi
5 "Silent Knight" Bullock Szilagyi, Coggiola
6 "Checkmate Part 1" Bullock Szilagyi
7 "Checkmate Part 2" Bullock Szilagyi, Coggiola
8 "Checkmate Part 3" Bullock Szilagyi
9 "Checkmate Part 4" Bullock Szilagyi
10 "Checkmate Part 5" Bullock Szilagyi
11 "Man O' War" Bullock Szilagyi, Zeu
12 "Enitan" Bullock Szilagyi
13 "End War Part 1" Bullock, Michelinie Szilagyi

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